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Compassion-Focussed Therapy with Dr Alice Nicholls, PsychWorks Associate psychologist

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Notes to Episode

Dr Alice Nicholls returns to tell me all about CFT and its relevance for personal injury work.


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1:20 How Dr Nicholls got into CFT

1:49 A history of CFT

3:15 The scientific basis of the model

9:40 The Threat-Drive Loop

12:20 The effects of an overly critical internal voice

13:04 How compassion helps

14:48 Breaking out of the loop

16:48 Ways to activate the soothing system

18:00 Using compassion in your life

19:05 Universality of CFT

21:43 The need for compassion in case management

23:50 The effect of staying stuck

25:10 Tips for personal injury professionals

25:36 Noticing

26:19 Soothing

27:10 Remembering kindness

28:13 Soothing doesn’t need to feel overwhelming

29:30 Framing experiences with CFT

31:02 Fight criticism with compassion

34:16 Generating compassion in difficult cases

35:25 Compassion doesn’t always come easily


18:26 “To be compassionate is to be wise, and to be strong, as well as to be kind.”

31:02 “People who are being critical are people who are in threat… and once you realise that, it’s much easier to be compassionate towards them.”

Guest: Dr Alice Nicholls

Presenter: Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, Director of PsychWorks Associates

Editor: Emily Crosby Media