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Top tips for managing care teams with guest Dr Stavros Orfanos, PsychWorks Associates psychologist

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Notes to Episode

I speak to Dr Stavros Orfanos, PsychWorks Associates psychologist, about the lessons for case managers from his research into group processes.


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3:12 Stavros’ research and PhD

5:01 What are group processes?

6:38 How do they apply to care teams?

8:40 How groups work

10:17 What do we lose by not thinking about group processes?

11:20 Practical ways to optimise your team

12:05 Ensuring engagement

13:51 Monitoring conflict

14:30 Identifying avoidance

15:11 Supervision as a reflective practice

16:02 Being proactive

21:03 What to do when groups break down

22:20 When to bring in help

Quotes: “What’s really important is that case managers pay attention and really monitor the interactions between group members... Be proactive about monitoring and identifying group processes... The most healthy groups in the end are ones who have gone through some conflict but are able to work through it.”

Guest: Dr Stavros Orfanos

Presenter: Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, Director of PsychWorks Associates

Editor: Emily Crosby Media