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Why Refer To Us

We work with Personal Injury professionals usually on medium-to-high value cases.

Higher value cases usually have long term implications for the individual and family as a result of a life-changing injury. Such serious and catastrophic injuries require psychological adjustment alongside their physical needs especially where there is a risk of disengagement with the rehabilitation goals and the potential for emerging discord within the family and/or professionals around the client.

At PsychWorks Associates, we can help you meet the expectations of the 2015 Rehabilitation Code by acting as an assessor of rehabilitation needs and providing the specialist input required that includes the impact of trauma. We work collaboratively with you and the team around the client to streamline the therapy and care to achieve the best outcome for the client, from a rehabilitation perspective and also in terms of the settlement. Whether you use our service for case management or treating psychology, our clinicians understand this ultimate goal.

…the solicitor on this case extends particular thanks for the impressive, detailed and extremely helpful nature of this very timely report.

Referring case manager


To be kept fully informed by proactive clinicians

  • Our packages all insist on regular informal and formal communications, whether it is a quick phone call after a session to provide an update or more formal update reports. Our aim is to ensure that you never have to guess where the input is at any one time.
  • Our clinicians are trained to be timely in the service they provide and proactive so there is never a chase for input from the referrer or client.


Creative, flexible and comprehensive support

  • Individualised to case needs which includes the client’s needs, the family’s needs and the professional network’s needs.
  • Unlike many clinicians in private practice who agree to take on injury work, we build into our package time and space to engage fully with the client’s widest goals which includes adapting to needs as they arises, travel to the client’s setting, regular communications with referrers, support workers and family members, as well as opportunities to write excellent formal reports and attend MDT meetings.
  • We want our clinicians to be able to focus on their clinical skills with their client so we offer all our clinicians access to admin support, monthly clinical supervision, CPD training, and our senior team is always available to respond to queries throughout the week.


We choose the very best clinicians

  • All of which have come through a selective recruitment process because we believe that not all clinicians can work in Personal Injury. Clinicians are then inducted to be both trauma- and litigation-informed regardless of the role they take on.
  • We also arrange training in-house and with external providers to ensure our clinicians are ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding cutting edge clinical thinking or medico-legal processes that contextualise the work. Without meaning, any work can becomes less valuable.


Interdisciplinary vs Multidisciplinary input

  • Whether you are considering work from our case managers or treating psychologists, our work is underpinned by case conceptualisation models, formulation approaches that underpin the entire rehabilitation package provided. Our Case Managers use these models to draw together an interdisciplinary therapy and care team; our psychologists use these models to support the package to become more coordinated and connected. One of our Managing Director’s favourite mottoes is “we want to become bigger than the sum of our parts”…and that is only possible if rehabilitation input is conceptually underpinned.
  • We only utilise evidence-based interventions, which we supplement with pre- and post-treatment standardised questionnaires. We believe in being able to measure progress and successes, and to identify where challenges might still exist.

For the past 6 months since your team has been appointed, it’s meant I’m involved less and [client] is still getting things sorted. Thank you.

Case management client’s mum

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