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Rehabilitating love for brain injury adults with Dr Giles Yeates, neuropsychologist at Rippling Minds

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Notes to Episode

I'm joined by Dr Giles Yeates of Rppling Minds to discuss an approach to the rehabilitation of brain injury survivors in the context of their intimate relationships. For links to resources mentioned in this episode, please see the transcript below.


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01:47 How Dr Yeates got into this field

08:21 EFT couples training

11:16 Application with couples after brain injury

17:36 Common challenges for male survivors - confusion

20:04 Working on issues between people

23:47 Divorce

26:25 Rehabilitating love

33:37 Opening up the conversation

40:04 Putting yourself in their shoes

42:44 Summary

45:46 Rippling Minds


“Any approach to emotional change for a survivor of brain injury really needs to be in the moment and at a slow pace to really let things be processed and sink in.”

“You want your empathic husband or wife back who you had before the accident, but they may not come back to you without you opening the door, unlocking the lock yourself.”

“To see your partner being different can actually have a destabilizing effect on your sense of self.”

“We need to stop thinking about the change happening to a survivor’s brain, on its own. We need to think, actually what’s happening is a two-way process between people.”

“Dare we rehabilitate love after brain injury? Why not?”

Guest: Dr Giles Yeates, Rippling Minds

Presenter: Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, Director of PsychWorks Associates

Editor: Emily Crosby Media