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A collaborative, creative

and integrative approach

to emotional and physical



You will find truth more quickly through delight than gravity. Let out a little more string on your kite.

~ Alan Cohen

Our Approach

​Whether it’s Case Management or Psychological support you are after, our clinicians focus on a collaborative, creative and integrative approach to emotional rehabilitation as well as supporting any physical rehabilitation.

​Our inclusive ethos enables all clients to remove barriers to progress and recovery. We are also able to encourage individuals and their families in their cultural contexts to live as close to the quality of life they would have had had it not been for the injury.

Shabnam is everything one would hope for…professional, responsive, practical and kind. She heads up a very effective team… and her expertise in psychology adds particular value in clinical negligence matters.

Angharad Vaugh

Partner, Leigh Day

Our Team

As well as some 20 languages between us, our team of specialists also has over 300 years of cumulative experience supporting individuals and families in psychological distress while providing input to the professional system around the client.

Our Case Management clinicians have various high-level training in and experience of working with mental health needs alongside rehabilitation goals, and are generally registered with HCPC (or equivalent).

All our Treating Psychologists are registered (usually with HCPC) and are able to work proactively in the rehabilitation context.

How We Work

We work with Personal Injury professionals usually in medium-to-high value cases. This is usually because there is a long term impact for the individual and family as a result of a life-changing injury. Such serious and catastrophic injuries require psychological adjustment especially where there is a risk of disengagement with the rehabilitation goals and emerging discord within the family and/or professionals around the client.

Referrals are made to us because we can help you meet the expectations of the 2015 Rehabilitation Code by acting as an assessor of rehabilitation needs and providing the specialist input required. We work collaboratively with you and the team around the client to streamline the therapy and care to achieve the best outcome for the client, from a rehabilitation perspective and also in terms of the settlement.








We offer free resources to professionals including a podcast, blogs, factsheets and social media content.

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