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Doing recruitment well for injured clients with Lara Crombie, Finders Keepers Recruitment

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Notes to Episode

Today I'm speaking to Lara Crombie about many aspects of recruitment: finding a good fit, psychometric testing, unconscious bias, the recruitment process, CVs and interviews, job description and personal specifications, getting help with HR, some pitfalls to avoid, and ultimately how to do it really well.


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1:24 Guest intro

2:45 Why go to a niche recruiter

4:50 How they recruit

6:37 How to find ‘fit’

7:56 Psychometric testing

9:23 Unconscious bias on gender and race

13:47 The recruitment process

15:33 The best candidate isn’t always looking for a job

17:11 CVs

18:15 Interviews

21:45 How long does the process take?

23:35 Writing the job description and personal specification

26:00 Help with HR

29:40 The pitfalls of working with a recruitment team

31:16 What can personal injury professionals do to recruit smoothly?

Tell your recruiter everything

33:11 Interview quickly

34:33 Help them to work with clients/families

35:45 Summary

38:57 Contact details


6:05 “It’s great to have specific experience in certain areas, but more often than not, it’s the attitude and aptitude of the person. That’s the most important thing, alongside the fit with the family.”

17:30 “Great carers don’t always have great CVs… or any kind of CV, in fact.”

28:59 “It’s not only about finding people for our clients. It’s ensuring that they’re going to stay.”

38:40 “Bear in mind that skills can be learned and people can be developed, but the attitude and aptitude has to be right.”

Guest: Lara Crombie, Finders Keepers Recruitment

Presenter: Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, Director of PsychWorks Associates

Editor: Emily Crosby Media