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The benefits of Tai Chi for those with neurological injuries with Dr Giles Yeates

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Notes to Episode

Dr Giles Yeates, neuropsychologist and Tai Chi instructor at NeuroFlow Group, explains how he got into Tai Chi and discovered research on its relevance for brain injury rehabilitation; the physical and psychological effects, science and clinical impact; his charity work for Different Strokes; self-care and fatigue management; and how to approach introducing Tai Chi to clients.


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2:08 How Dr Yeates got into Tai Chi

5:25 Discovering research on Tai Chi and brain injury rehabilitation

7:20 Psychological effects of Tai Chi

8:03 The science

12:32 Clinical impact

13:09 Psychological work through physical training

15:20 The benefits of training in community

17:20 Getting funding

18:26 Charity work for Different Strokes

19:41 Self-care

24:15 TaiChi for fatigue management

26:10 How to approach introducing Tai Chi to a client

29:45 Online classes

31:23 Summary


11:58 "If the brain shuts down [in flow state] it lets the universe in. We are unimpeded by our own chatter and thoughts."

12:51 "I can help you to slow down even more, to engage with everything more deeply. I’m a slowing down consultant."

15:48 "Post-injury identity reconstruction really benefits from re-engaging with social groups and leisure activities."

21:02 "If we neglect ourselves too much we will stop being able to help other people."

Guest: Dr Giles Yeates, neuropsychologist/Tai Chi instructor at NeuroFlow Group

Presenter: Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, Director of PsychWorks Associates

Editor: Emily Crosby Media