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Returning to work after a brain injury with Suzanne Guest, Work in Mind

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Notes to Episode

Our BI clients might have had fulfilling and meaningful work lives before their injury and its loss can be a huge source of distress. Thinking about returning to work is a huge part of some clients' psychological and rehabilitation journey. This week, we have a special Guest: Suzanne, who is a rare combination of Occupational Psychologist and BI Case Manager! She helps us think about the process of preparing with a client for a return to meaningful occupation.


Change, transition, work, brain injury, occupational psychology, vocational rehabilitation, meaningful employment, guidance, employers, enrichment, occupation, hobbies, compensation, structure, volunteering, epilepsy, social life, communication, MDT, graded return to work, Access to Work, Equality Act, reasonable adjustments, litigation, loss of earnings.

2:50 What is an occupational psychologist?

3:32 What training do they receive?

6:13 How an occupational psychologist can help someone with brain injury

9:33 Factors of value for work

12:17 Voluntary work

14:33 Who can benefit from help to get back to work

17:22 What makes a client suitable for help

19:52 Returning to the same job

22:42 Supporting employers

24:13 Improving work environments for clients

25:20 Access to Work scheme

26:25 Realistic expectations

28:47 Reasonable adjustments

29:22 Employment and the litigation process

33:23 Advice for considering a return to work for your clients

35:33 When to call in a professional for help


13:45 "Work is really vital for somebody’s sense of identity, to just be able to contribute and have something to get up for."

19:45 "Has your client got a gap in their life that could be filled by work?"

23:08 I always say to employers: I don’t know the first thing about engineering, so why would an engineer know the first thing about brain injury?"

Guest: Suzanne Guest, Work in Mind

Presenter: Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, Director of PsychWorks Associates

Editor: Emily Crosby Media