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Nice Guidelines on Pain, with Dr Devdeep Ahuja, Clinical Director of RTW Plus

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Notes to Episode

Dr Dev is back, to discuss pain, and our understanding of it: challenging simplistic models, what the NICE guidelines say about pain and its management, and how to approach our personal injury clients’ experience of pain in an interdisciplinary way. He lets us know what we can do about pain - starting today!


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1:35 Why Dev specializes in pain

6:00 Mindset around pain

9:00 How we understand pain

13:00 Examples of the damage of a simplistic model of pain

14:30 Current NICE guidelines definition of pain

17:50 NICE guidelines about pain management

23:00 Interdisciplinary pain teams and personal injury clients

23:40 What can you do today?


5:25 “We want to reduce the reliance on external people and give pain sufferers the tools and self-management skills that they need.”

8:40 “All pain is real. That perception of pain that a person is experiencing is subjective, and you can’t measure it. No-one can measure that.”

13:45 “Pain is more about the threat that is perceived by our body, by our brain, than the actual injury itself.”

16:15 “As case managers in each encounter we have with the client we have the opportunity to add to their safety cues, and we have the risk of adding to their danger cues.”

Guest: Dr Devdeep Ahuja, RTW Plus

Presenter: Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, Director of PsychWorks Associates

Editor: Emily Crosby Media