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Coping as a Personal Injury professional at Christmas, with Marianne Trent, Good Thinking Psychological Services

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Notes to Episode

As we head towards December, Dr Marianne Trent brings us some important seasonal reflections – because there can be a lot more to Christmas than tinsel and good cheer. It can be a time where injury and loss are accentuated, when people can find it hard to enjoy life and have fun without feeling guilty. Health professionals and carers also need a break, and we all need to value and protect our own time and space. If we can be aware of the potential pitfalls in advance – and think and plan ahead – it might help us, and clients and families, to enjoy the spirit of Christmas more.


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3:06 Considering health professionals at Christmas

4:00 Christmas and guilt

9:18 Taking time completely off work

12:30 Setting boundaries

16:30 Not offering everybody the same access

17:45 Planning well in advance

19:12 Carers

22:00 Sharing a Christmassy moment with your clients

27:05 Mental health issues at Christmas

30:35 Top tips


5:37 “The difficult thing about personal injury is that there is so much distress and suffering, but also so much grief. There is so much direct compare and contrast between what we had currently and what went before.”

10:35 “There needs to be opportunities where we give ourselves permission to enjoy things.”

14:21 “Ringfence your time - treat yourself as important!”

21:51 “You’re allowed to do what you can for that person right now, without thinking about what else you might have done.”

Guest: Dr Marianne Trent, Good Thinking Psychological Services

Presenter: Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, Director of PsychWorks Associates

Editor: Emily Crosby Media