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Linking trauma and pain, with Dr Melanie Lee and Dr Alan Bowman of Trust Pain Management

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Notes to Episode

Dr Melanie Lee and Dr Alan Bowman kick off our second season by describing their journey into pain management, working with personal injury clients and chronic pain, reactions to pain and trauma in the body and the mind... and ways to work with them.


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7:31 (Mel) "When you’re with someone in pain, because it’s such an unbearable experience for everybody, it is very tempting to turn away from it or jump to a conclusion or a solution very quickly… because we hate seeing people in that much distress."

16:34 (Alan) "Trauma is not a psychological thing; it’s not a biological thing. It’s both."

23:47 (Mel) "Some of the things that make the biggest difference are not direct manipulation of the physical sensations."

2:10 Guests’ journey into pain management

5:30 being warned off working in pain

6:40 Working in pain management with personal injury clients

9:00 Chronic pain

11:40 The body’s reaction to pain and trauma

14:57 Psychosomaticism

17:00 The effects of pain on a patient’s psychology

21:28 Treatment focus

24:16 acknowledgment and validation

28:38 Interdisciplinary working

33:20 Managing expectations and outcomes

36:32 Repairing fragmentation

37:57 Not focusing just on physical progress

40:53 How Trust Pain Management work

45:20 How to work with them

46:43 Three practical tips

Guest: Dr Melanie Lee and Dr Alan Bowman, Trust Pain Management

Presenter: Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, Director of PsychWorks Associates

Editor: Emily Crosby Media