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Family work when there is a brain injury, with Dr Ndidi Boakye, Director of The Psych Practice

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Notes to Episode

Ndidi Boakye joins us to talk about the importance of the family in rehabilitation, because an individual doesn’t recover in isolation. She explains what is meant by the ‘system’ around a client, the impact of an injury on the family, what support a family could need, and the challenge to get wider family issues recognized as part of the injury trauma. Ndidi examines systemic factors in assessment, the risks of not considering spouses/families, cultural issues, and what case managers can do.


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2:10 Ndidi’s background

5:00 What is a system

8:00 The impact of injury on the family

10:30 The importance of a stable system to rehabilitation

12:00 What support the family need

13:05 Lack of research in this field

15:00 The challenge to get wider family issues recognises as part of the injury trauma

18:00 The role of case managers

18:40 Focusing on systemic factors in assessment

21:00 Perpetuating social stigma by not considering spouses/families

23:00 Issues for minority clients

24:45 What case managers can do

Involve the family

Give access to resources

Ask family members about their mental health


5:01 "Families are key to ensuring that the things that are learned in the rehab context continue."

10:59 "The individual doesn’t recover by themselves. They need a system around them.”

Guest: Dr Ndidi Boakye, The PsychPractice

Presenter: Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, Director of PsychWorks Associates

Editor: Emily Crosby Media