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What makes a case management business run well, with Ali McNamara, AJ Case Management

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Notes to Episode

Ali McNamara takes us through her journey in case management, from working as an employee or an associate, to setting up a business, developing a specialism, putting support and wellbeing at the heart of the business, dealing with trauma and crises, responsibilities, work/life balance, authenticity, compliance, experience-sharing, and the future of case management itself.


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1:10 How did Ali get into Case Management?

4:18 Developing a specialism

6:18 Working as an associate

8:02 Choosing a way of working that suits you

10:18 Structure of AJ Case Management

11:12 Setting up the business and registering with CQC

13:29 Specialising in brain injury work

14:05 Developing the company

16:54 Having wellbeing at the heart of the business

18:40 Work processes

21:00 Capacity

23:24 Dealing with trauma and crises

27:18 Fostering a supportive welcoming atmosphere

31:16 Handling responsibility as a Director and work/life balance

34:43 Being authentic to yourself

37:42 The future of Case Management

40:16 Top tips

47:40 Sharing compliance experience and knowledge


4:47 “No case manager, if you’ve not done it before, will come with everything, so it’s about identifying where you want to develop.”

20:36 “You’re better to be a little bit quiet than completely overwhelmed. Making wise decisions about your working week is really important.”

45:06 “Don’t get hung up on one business model. Be innovative about the business you want to run.”

Guest: Ali McNamara, AJ Case Management

Presenter: Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, Director of PsychWorks Associates

Editor: Emily Crosby Media