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Saying Yes to No: Boundaries in Personal Injury work, with Dr Alice Nicholls

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Notes to Episode

Dr Alice Nicholls returns to the podcast to discuss the issue of boundaries: why they’re so important for psychologists, and how they apply to the multi-faceted field of case management. Alice talks about consistency, sustainability, expectations and reasonable practice, allowing time when switching between clients, maintaining mental boundaries, and working within your competence. She alerts us to the signs that boundaries might need addressing, communicating and re-setting, and shares her top tips.

9:29 “Because you’re working within the context of social care as a case manager, the boundaries are harder to define.”
12:40 “Is it sustainable within your life? Because if not, you will find it hard to be consistent.”
15:50 “You can have whatever written down on a piece of paper, but it’s the everyday relationship that really defines those boundaries.”

3:14 Why psychologists have firm boundaries - attachment theory
7:55 Boundaries in case management
10:30 The case manager creed and being a jack of all trades
11:57 Consistency
12:37 Sustainability
13:40 Working outside your professional boundaries
14:45 Expectations and reasonable practice
18:23 Allowing time when switching between clients to get into their case
20:52 Maintaining mental boundaries and working within your competence
23:00 Being a rescuer
25:25 Warning signs that your boundaries are not where they should be
31:55 Managing the time allowed for the relationship
35:00 Communicating your reasoning
36:35 Re-setting boundaries
40:45 Clients without a support network and managed retreat
44:11 Top tips for setting boundaries

Guest: Dr Alice Nicholls

Presenter: Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, director of PsychWorks Associates.

Editor: Emily Crosby Media