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Physio work with a twist with Heather McLellan, Director of Designed2Move

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Notes to Episode

Shabnam’s guest is a specialist in functional rehabilitation: helping people return to work, physical activity and daily functioning. Heather outlines the principles of this approach, its application with brain injury clients, and how to coordinate with other professionals and multidisciplinary teams in order to get the most out of the rehabilitation process.


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1:00 Who you are and what you do

2:30 Definition of functionality

4:41 Functional Rehabilitation

8:10 How do we know if our treatment is functional rehab?

10:00 Seven principles of functional rehab

16:26 Working with brain injury clients

18:00 Coordinating participation and working with case managers

23:14 Educating about the model and approach

25:30 Importance of sourcing the MDT

31:43 Criticisms of the method

43:12 Ideal client

46:20 Top tips for getting the best out of rehabilitation


3:45 “How do we keep people at work whilst looking after them in a way that is sensible?”

4:20 “For our serious injury clients they may not be able to return to what they did before, but it may be helping them explore new options.”

16:00 “The nuance of what is mobility is vast.”

39:51 “It’s about getting back to the value that you get from a service.”

49:47 “Sometimes the most important part of the process is setting up the communication between the case manager and our team.”

Guest: Heather McLellan, Director of Designed2Move

Presenter: Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, Director of PsychWorks Associates

Editor: Emily Crosby Media