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Living our best life: why we all need to tame our inner critic

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Notes to Episode

My reflections as host to (a) a new podcast and (b) an established inner critic.


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0:56 Inner critic

2:09 The purpose behind this podcast

3:54 Triggering your inner critic

5:15 Tracing the origin of your critical voice

7:00 How I have tamed my inner critic

7:41 Noticing the voice

9:58 Allowing yourself balance and fairness

11:10 Finding supporters

12:48 Positive statements

13:36 Thinking about how other people see you

16:11 Giving yourself space for balance

17:50 The benefits of taming that inner critic

Quotes: “I do believe that we need to be nourished in the journeys that we are taking with our clients.” “It’s ok to want to thrive in caring professions like the one we do. We don’t have to always sacrifice ourselves.”

Presenter: Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, Director of PsychWorks Associates

Editor: Emily Crosby Media