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Tips on working effectively with serious injury solicitors, with Crystal Eaton of Slater+Gordon

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Notes to Episode

As the podcast’s first guest solicitor, Crystal Eaton brings a really interesting legal perspective: explaining what the personal injury process looks like from her point of view; combining financial and rehabilitation outcomes; the importance of the family, communication and information-sharing with those around the client. She offers an insight into the legal process, and her tips for cultivating a successful relationship with the legal team – as well as how to cope on a personal level.


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1:46 How Crystal got into being a Solicitor

5:13 Putting the client at the centre of things

5:24 What the personal injury process looks like from the law perspective

13:00 Maximising financial outcomes and rehabilitation

15:00 Importance of family

18:15 Communicating within the case management team

19:40 Collaborating with the defending team as well

22:55 Sharing information with your case manager

25:57 Trauma and rehabilitation

29:47 Three tips for working better with your solicitor

32:34 How do you cope?


4:45 “Relationship-building is so key to our clients who want to feel that they are supported and held.”

9:58 “Our aim is to put our client back as far as possible to the position they were in before the traumatic and life-changing accident occured.”

17:50 “Carers and family members are crucial to rehabilitation outcomes.”

23:20 “Case managers play an absolutely central role for our seriously injured clients.”

Guest: Crystal Eaton, Slater+Gordon Solicitors

Presenter: Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, Director of PsychWorks Associates

Editor: Emily Crosby Media