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HR matters in Personal Injury work, with Cecily Lalloo, Director of Embrace HR

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Notes to Episode

This week’s podcast looks at managing care teams through an HR lens, and the expert eye of Cecily Lalloo, whose company has a specialism in care sector HR, including case management. She talks to us about the importance of empathy, training, communication and relationships, working at the speed of the family, and sometimes having to let people go. Cecily is even writing a book on the subject.


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4:16 Why did they specialise in PI?

7:30 Empathy in HR

11:00 How the HR process works in Case Management

13:30 Working at the speed of the family

19:00 Performance management and letting people go

24:00 The family as context

25:55 Cecily’s book

28:57 How to communicate with your team

33:03 Training

35:30 Three top tips

41:00 Contact details:




11:24 “The contract is key, because the contract helps to set the expectations.”

24:00 “The family are not the employer but they are the context.”

34:10 “Very often I find that if something’s not dealt with, the molehill starts becoming a mountain.”

Guest: Cecily Lalloo, Embrace HR

Presenter: Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, Director of PsychWorks Associates

Editor: Emily Crosby Media