Training and consultancy

In addition to therapeutic and rehabilitation work for children and adults, we offer bespoke psychology-based input for staff teams and individuals who work with high-distress clients or teams requiring some professional insight into their clients’ needs.

Using evidence-based therapies, PsychWorks Associates offers a range of flexible solutions, tailored to supporting you and your clients.

Using a bottom-up approach, our service offers to become a helpful part of an organisation’s or team’s structure to be able to react responsively to the needs of the staff members and/or their clients in a way that many current models cannot provide.

Our client base includes

  • Personal Injury solicitors

  • Case Managers

  • Educational establishments

  • Healthcare establishments, such as care homes

  • Corporate professionals in high-stress roles

  • All organisations that are keen to​ provide a holistically positive experience to their staff teams

Our services include

  • Training such as working effectively within the client’s system, managing client trauma and risk, working with challenging behaviours, effective communication, difficult emotions groups for children and/or their parents, and more.

  • Supervision and guidance to professional and care teams working with clients and client families, particularly those who are high-risk or highly distressed that working with them can sometimes be challenging.

  • Consultancy to multidisciplinary therapy teams for effective management of complex clients’ needs and supporting rehabilitation components for the client e.g. helping the client to engage with vital physical therapy or helping a care team understand the grief process in brain injured clients.

  • Relaxation strategies such as mindfulness and group sessions.


This is by no means an exhaustive list and PsychWorks Associates would welcome any discussions regarding input that would suit the clients and/or teams you work with.

Please contact us to make an enquiry.

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