"The PsychWorks team came to the rescue when I was struggling to find an experienced child psychologist who was willing to work between two locations (home in Greater London and boarding school in the home counties). I was impressed with the efficiency of contact and the service delivery. Admin were helpful, offering therapist options and swift, polite, liaison. The psychologist engaged was flexible and professional. Her approach appeared caring and competent as she provided empathy and detail in line with the circumstances. I would not hesitate to refer to PsychWorks again."

Heather Miller, Independent Case Management

"I have made a number of referrals to PsychWorks Associates, and each time I have been impressed by the quality of input and professionalism the Directors and Associates have provided. There have been some tricky issues, for example around safeguarding, that we have navigated around together and I particularly valued their ability to be 'on-call' during these times. I choose to re-refer to them because they are cost-efficient, especially in comparison to their competitors. I recommend PsychWorks Associates to any case manager, client or solicitor."

Dean Bush, Horton Towers Case Manager

"My first contact with PsychWorks Associates was when they were asked to support my client, who had become tetraplegic, and his wife who were struggling with the effects of the injury on their lives. It was very important for my client to have his wife supporting the rehabilitation programme that was being set up but there were clearly tensions between them. Kanan was involved in providing psychological support which helped ease tensions and pave the way for the introduction of the programme. Her intervention proved very useful."

​Colin Ettinger, Partner at Irwin Mitchells


"I find the service provided by PsychWorks Associates excellent. PsychWorks Associates provides a very personal service where Shabnam & Kanan are always on hand to discuss my client's specific needs. They have responded to my referrals quickly and have recommended skilled and expert Associates. The fees charged are reasonable and my clients benefit from a service second to none."

​Keith Barrett, Partner at Fieldfisher


"I found Becky very kind, considerate, caring, understanding and competent. From the first meeting with her and Shabnam, I felt more at ease with my problem. They assured me I wasn't going mad and the flashbacks and nightmares were to be almost expected after an accident like mine. Becky never rushed our meetings, and talked me through each stage, and helping me find ways of coping. She was honest, telling me things could get worse and once again helping me cope. I have never found it easy to talk about myself, but I never felt self-conscious when talking to Becky. I will be forever grateful to her for helping me. A 5 star service."

​Client with PTSD symptoms following an RTA

"A fantastic organisation that offers a highly responsive, well organised and comprehensive support packages. PsychWorks is proactive in supporting Associates with high levels of professionalism and is open to new and creative ways of working."

Dr Stavros Orfanos, PsychWorks Associate