Dr Roya Afsharzadegan
Clinical Case Manager

Roya has spent over 10 years working in healthcare settings and teams, supporting people with varying needs, developing skills in building rapport, working in a person-centred way, and thinking holistically about people’s care. Central to her approach is a desire to understand and advocate for the needs of her clients.


With her Clinical Psychology background, Roya brings experience in working with people and systems, including inpatient brain injury rehabilitation and other hospital contexts. She is proficient in information-gathering, assessing and managing needs and risks, making referrals, and communicating with professionals. She is used to working autonomously, while being flexible and adaptive to people’s needs. 


Roya has deep experience of working in multidisciplinary teams, bringing an appreciation of the expertise of different professionals, and the ability to keep an overview of people's needs and make decisions about additional professional input. Roya has supervised and managed other professionals, learning to strike the balance between being directive and reflective.

Roya has worked with clients from diverse backgrounds and understands the need for care and therapy packages to fit the client's cultural values. She is skilled in maximising the potential of the injured individual, and those who are instrumental in their support and recovery. Roya is a good communicator, ensures that the professionals involved in a case are kept abreast of developments and, as a reflective practitioner, uses feedback to progress her client’s needs. Roya brings all her skills to the management of care teams for the sustainability and stability of the care package around the client.