Psychology services

  • ​Is low mood a concern for you?
  • Perhaps you have a client unable to engage with rehabilitation due to challenging behaviours?

  • Are there differences in opinion with a client's family about how to manage care?

  • Do you find yourself worrying about whether a client or family is at risk in any way?

We are a unique case management-informed psychology service explicitly set up to support personal injury clients, adults, children and families when the distress of injury, litigation and adjustment threatens to overwhelm.

We understand the litigation context that surrounds our clients and their families. This is fundamental to our approach, and we operate with the principles of good and regular communication, accountability for the work we do, and proactive, systemic involvement.

PsychWorks Associates believe in the importance of emotional wellbeing in the recovery process, be it as a result of physical or emotional trauma. Research has shown that understanding the emotional journey is an important factor in achieving the best possible outcomes, whether at the individual, family or professional team level.

All our Associates are registered with HCPC or other recognised psychotherapy bodies, have up-to-date DBS checks, appropriate insurances and receive regular supervision.

We cover London, the Home Counties and towards the Midlands.


I have made a number of referrals to PsychWorks Associates, and each time I have been impressed by the quality of input and professionalism the Directors and Associates have provided.


There have been some tricky issues, for example around safeguarding, that we have navigated around together and I particularly valued their ability to be 'on-call' during these times. I choose to re-refer to them because they are cost-efficient, especially in comparison to their competitors.


I recommend PsychWorks Associates to any case manager, client or solicitor.

Dean Bush

Horton Towers Case Manager


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