Kathy Adcock is a Clinical Psychologist who has been working in the NHS since 2005. She is currently a Clinical Service Manager and Clinical Psychologist within a North London Local Authority, working with parents and children with a broad range of emotional, social, behavioural and mental health difficulties.

Kathy trained at the Bristol Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and completed her doctorate in 2009. She has worked with adults, older people, people with learning difficulties, adults with chronic health problems, families experiencing bereavement, and children. Her doctoral research was in the area of chronic pain. Since completing her doctorate she has worked in the NHS in CAMHS and in specialist teams for Children who are Looked After, or have experienced maltreatment or trauma.


Kathy has specialist skills in cognitive behavioural therapy, systemic psychotherapy and parenting approaches.  She is skilled in neurodevelopmental assessment and assessment and intervention with attachment difficulties.  She is currently training to become a specialist in VIG (Video Interaction Guidance).


Kathy is also highly experienced in offering specialist consultation and supervision and developing training for carers and professionals. Most recently she has worked as an honorary lecturer at King's College London, and has delivered training for several NHS Trusts in best practice when working with LGBTQI clients.


Kathy is a clinician who works compassionately and respectfully alongside clients. She recognises that clients often present with complex difficulties where multiple factors are involved and she aims to support children, families and professionals to make and sustain meaningful changes in these contexts.

Dr Kathy Adcock

  • London