Dr Katherine Yon is based in Greenwich, London.

Her specialisms are working with adults, CBT (including trauma-focused CBT), systemic, compassion-focused therapy, ACT, psychodynamically-informed work, and work with couples.


Katherine worked in an NHS CAMHS role carrying out CBT/systemic/CFT interventions with young people diagnosed with neurodevelopmental conditions, including Autism and ADHD.

She has experience of delivering trauma-focused CBT in a variety of settings, such as Adult CMHT, a substance misuse service, and a sexual health service.


Prior to her DClinPsy training, Kathernine also delivered group and one-to-one PTSD psychoeducation sessions at Berkshire Traumatic Stress Service, as an Honorary Assistant Psychologist.

Katherine speaks intermediate Spanish, and is registered with the HCPC.

Dr Katherine Yon

Clinical Psychologist