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Are you looking to gain experience in the clinical psychology field?

​We are interested in applications from psychology graduates who are looking for honorary and occasionally paid sessional assistant work.

Please note that we only take applications from candidates who already hold a first degree in Psychology or are in the process of completing their degree.

​We cannot offer work placements to secondary school students.

​If you meet the above requirements please send expression of interest and CV to

Associate Psychologists

We welcome new Associates joining our network of clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists, neuropsychologists and educational psychologists, to undertake new cases referred to us.

​Our Associates are qualified, experienced and highly specialized psychologists who share our commitment to provide an expert yet personable service to our catastrophically injured clients, and the professionals around them.

​Does this type of work interest you?

Our clients and their families can have a range of needs:

  • trauma, loss and grief support
  • adjustment to injury
  • identity issues
  • cognitive rehabilitation
  • family functioning
  • anxiety
  • behaviour support
  • anger
  • pain management
  • ... and so much more.

​The therapeutic approaches vary widely, therefore: from one-to-one or family trauma-informed approaches, to Third Wave modalities and behavioural interventions, to consultancy support for the professional network.

​We also have potential opportunities to develop training programmes together, offer webinars to inform referrers of a particular applicable psychological strategy for this client group, as well as guest on our podcast, and join our social media groups.

If you’re still interested in working with PsychWorks Associates, here’s what you need:

If you are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) or reasonable equivalent, and if you have experience of working with adults, children and/or families, we would like to hear from you.

We are currently seeking Associates across the UK as we are happy to expand in areas where there are keen, motivated and passionate clinicians who work in the field of catastrophic personal injury.

Home visits are usually indicated due to the injuries sustained, but also because of the systemic needs which will naturally inform the psychological treatment plan. This latter point can sometimes be a 'make or break' factor in working with us.

Our values

The core of our ethos at PsychWorks Associates is that we develop strong relationships with our clients, their families, and the professionals around them. We believe that good results are most likely when the system around the client is working well: therapeutic alliance is key.

We also require Associates to be responsive, proactive, professional, flexible and personable, with the professional team as well as the client and family. Our reputation has been built over 10 years, and Associates who work with us understand how much their professionalism matters.

​Due to the complex needs of many of our clients, working systematically and fostering positive relationships through effective, regular communication with solicitors, therapy teams and/or care teams is essential.

There is therefore an expectation that input for each client is likely to be more than 1 hour a week, on average, to accommodate communication and commuting. All your time is remunerated at the same rate.

​Why join PsychWorks Associates?​

​We believe we are a nurturing and supportive group for psychologists who want to offer their skills in the field of catastrophic injury, but who want the support and security of being part of a litigation-informed organisation.

​Specifically, we offer:

  • Competitive rates of remuneration
  • Regular supervision, guidance and advice
  • Clear guidance and protocols to support our working practices
  • The opportunity to participate in training and consultancy, and to explore research ideas.

​If you are interested in working with PsychWorks Associates, please send your CV and a covering letter to:

Or let us know you would like to chat about working with us, and we can arrange to speak.

​All personnel are expected to have valid DBS clearance checks.

Personal Injury Case Managers

Do you want to revolutionize serious injury rehabilitation with your psychology skills? Do you want to receive an AFC 8a equivalent salary, outside the NHS, in a non-clinical role? Do you want to embark on a care coordination role for catastrophically-injured clients that uses your psychology and trauma knowledge to manage and consult systemically with legal, family, therapy and care professionals? Have you considered working as a Personal Injury Case Manager? Well, you’ve come to the right place! PsychWorks Associates runs a Case Management branch of input to personal injury clients - we support those with life-changing injury with multi-agency, goal-led, coordinated, rehabilitative input while also allowing the processing of any trauma that can get in the way of progress. Our aim is to optimize rehabilitation and settlement outcomes. To understand a bit more about the role, perhaps have a listen to a podcast episode on which I talk about the creative ways Psychology can be used in Case Management work: If this sounds like a role you want to learn more about, please be in touch:

Meet the team!

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