Therapy sessions

​We provide therapy for individual adult or child clients, couples and family/parenting needs. We also accept clients through health insurance policies (subject to any policy restrictions).

​We charge from £140 per hour for psychologists and from £90 per hour for psychotherapists. These rates apply to assessment, intervention, management/liaison and reports.

If home visits or clinic sessions closer to home are required, travel time is also charged plus travel costs.

Room hire cost may be added to the fee should the sessions be held in a clinic space different from that already used by the Associate.

Request a call-back for a free 15-minute consultation about how PsychWorks Associates can best support your needs.

Fixed-fee packages

Fixed-fee packages can be negotiated for those who would like a bespoke package of assessment-only input, advice, therapy, training, consultation and/or supervision.

Contact us about your options for a free consultation about how PsychWorks Associates solutions can help you or your organisation.


Please note: For all input, we operate a strict 24 hours’ working day notice in the event that a session needs to be cancelled.

For sessions cancelled within 24 hours, the session may require payment in full including any travel time allocated to the session. In some cases, extra costs may not be refundable at all (e.g. room hire, advance train ticket purchases) and will therefore remain chargeable.