How we can help in schools

Mental health in education is thankfully better understood and addressed than ever before.  After a number of different Government-led initiatives to focus on children's mental health in schools for at least a decade, the Government pledged £215m in 2017 for mental health support and treatment in schools.

PsychWorks Associates has a particular interest in supporting children in schools, since its Director, Dr Berry-Khan, has spent almost a decade working with schools in her role with the NHS.

Support to schools can be varied and systemically focused to include:

  • Individual therapy for children

  • Group work for children on anger management, relaxation skills for exams, mindfulness etc.

  • Family support including attachment-based groups and parenting support

  • Consultations to teachers about individual cases and/or supporting SEN processes

  • Teacher training on topics such as mindfulness, child anxiety management, attachment in the classroom, understanding behaviours, professional stress management etc.

  • Multi-disciplinary and multi-agency meeting support

  • Introduction to reflective practice for teaching staff

If you would like to have a discussion with PsychWorks Associates to see how we might be able to tailor a package of support for your school, please contact us to make an enquiry.