We understand the challenges of engaging in a therapeutic relationship – especially for the first time – and that you are unlikely to come to us unless a part of you feels help is needed. We hope to provide you with some information below that can help you feel more at ease with this important decision and to see if PsychWorks Associates is the right service for you.

Individuals, couples and families

Difficulties we can support include:

  • Adjustment

  • Trauma

  • ​Anxiety, including stress management

  • Depression

  • Understanding diagnoses

  • Improving family functioning and resilience

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Parenting input

  • Anger management

  • Self-esteem and confidence

Embarking on a therapeutic journey can feel daunting and you may have a number of thoughts before you commit.

We have compiled a list of questions we have been asked by clients that might be helpful to consider:

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