Dr Casey Bradford

Clinical Psychologist

Casey Bradford is a Clinical Psychologist who has been working in the NHS since moving to the UK, where she gained experience working in case management with children and adults with brain injuries, and paediatric clinical psychology. Areas of specialisation have included long-term health conditions such as cancer and diabetes and identification of possible neurodevelopmental conditions such as autism and ADHD. Casey has also worked with neurodevelopmental conditions in adults including autism, ADHD and learning disability, and retains a keen interest in children and young people with these conditions.

Casey completed her training as a psychologist in South Africa in 2010 and specialised in particular social issues that are prevalent in South Africa, such as trauma, with a special interest in childhood sexual abuse. South Africa is a country with very limited resources and in her role as a psychologist in Johannesburg Casey had to apply out-of-the-box thinking to situations that might be easier to manage in a country such as the UK. The benefit of this is that she can work very effectively with complex cases.

Casey has experience in working with children and young people who present with a variety of difficulties. She has experience in working with families as well as individual family members. She acknowledges that often problems are not just with the person presenting with the difficulty but they are related to the wider family or social system as a whole. She does however also work with individuals.

Casey has specialist in skills in a number of therapeutic approaches including psychodynamic, existential and systemic psychotherapy. In specific cases Casey will also use CBT approaches in her therapy in a more integrative approach. One of Casey’s main interests is in diagnosing autism and treating the resulting difficulties that may arise such as behavioural problems and emotional problems like depression and anxiety related to the autism.


Casey feels that working collaboratively with clients is key to their progress in therapy. Rapport is one of the most important elements in a therapeutic relationship and Casey focuses on the development of rapport and trust in the beginning of a working relationship.

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