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Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan

PsychWorks Associates was set up by Shabnam Berry-Khan, a Clinical Psychologist and Case Manager. She has almost 20 years of extensive experience across the client lifespan and with various psychological difficulties, from anxiety management to trauma, depression and adjustment to loss.


She has worked in neurodevelopmental services, provided support to families whose family members have experienced a life-changing diagnosis, and has support teams around the clients and families to ensure consistency and quality in care.

​Shabnam completed her doctoral clinical training at the University of Bristol and has since developed strong professional links with fellow psychologists and case managers, solicitors and allied health professionals alike over a number of years. She has worked in a range of settings and roles in the NHS, as well as in private practice as a case manager and treating psychologist.

When Shabnam became a Case Manager over 10 years ago, she realised that she was using clinical psychology skills even if it wasn't for psychotherapy. This was a game-changer; she began to notice that psychological thinking was not always promoted or psychological needs well understood in the Case Management world, and opened up conversations about being trauma-informed. Treating psychology referrals started to come in, and PsychWorks Associates was born: initially with a fellow psychologist, then Shabnam went solo to realise her big plans and energy for the service.

Since specialising in Personal Injury and combining the two branches formally under the single umbrella of PsychWorks Associates, Shabnam now boldly talks about how case management needs psychological thinking as a core skill and how treating psychologists needs to understand the litigation context to maximise all outcomes. PsychWorks Associates also applies the case conceptualisation tool of ‘formulation’ from clinical psychology, offering a framework to guide treatment intervention, make rehabilitation more effective can be guided and maximise goal and settlement outcomes. Using formulation this way in a litigation context makes PsychWorks Associates a unique Case Management and Treating Psychology provider, using a model that has supported psychological progress for decades.

Shabnam is really enthusiastic about bringing psychology to the treating medico-legal work and so she talks a lot about ideas like the therapeutic relationship being the cornerstone of all Personal Injury professionals’ work, how trauma is inevitable after a major injury and not recognising this becomes a barrier to progress, that psychotherapeutic strategies can be used by any injury professional to help clients in distress, and she gives permission for every professional to self-care for sustainability in this line of work. She and her guests talk about all these ideas and more in her podcast, The Psychology of Case Management, and the free mailing list resources she provides. She and the PsychWorks Associate teams often contribute to these resources as they are a talented bunch, with a lot to give!

When she’s not at work, Shabnam enjoys spending time with her young family and caring for her elderly father. She tries to stay connected to her culture and wider family. She has recently become a National Trust enthusiast, seeing the value in spending time outdoors. That said, she has always been a keen spa guest and will happily sit poolside in a robe and slippers, reading a book or listening to a podcast. Shabnam sits on the Board of Directors for MindFood, an ecotherapy charity in Ealing that supports people with depression, anxiety and stress to improve their wellbeing through gardening and horticulture. See more at www.mindfood.org.uk.


I have made a number of referrals to PsychWorks Associates, and each time I have been impressed by the quality of input and professionalism the Directors and Associates have provided.


There have been some tricky issues, for example around safeguarding, that we have navigated around together and I particularly valued their ability to be 'on-call' during these times. I choose to re-refer to them because they are cost-efficient, especially in comparison to their competitors.


I recommend PsychWorks Associates to any case manager, client or solicitor.

Dean Bush

Horton Towers Case Manager


Psychworks Associates Ltd. is a Private Limited Company (No. 09030778) registered in England and Wales.

Registered office: 43 Hideaway Work Space, 1 Empire Mews, London SW16 2BF, UK.